Start-Up (BlockRemit)

As part of the ambitions and our aim to build projects with blockchain to solve problems in Africa and beyond, our young Tech team has a Blockchain Remittance Start-Up called BLOCKREMIT.  which intends to provide an easy, fast and secure platform to send fiat money with digital currencies.

With international remittances in low and middle-income countries becoming their largest source of external financing, finding quicker, safer, and cheaper mobile payment systems would be a boon for them.

By tapping into blockchain-powered networks for mobile payment systems, operators can provide that boon. BLOCKREMIT will seek as many partners as possible to increase network reach to the many people of Africa who depend on remittances.

We intend to do this by providing a USSD enabled wallet transfer available. BLOCKREMIT will be a better alternative to all traditional remittance systems around the world that will simplify the entire process, remove unnecessary intermediaries and provide frictionless and nearly instant payment solutions.

BLOCKREMIT will also have multiple features like payment of bills, buying game credits, or simply exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Currently, at the Start-Up stage, we are open to collaborations, sponsorship, and investors to push this project through.